Car Removal Services: Hassle-Free Solutions For Getting Rid Of Unwanted Vehicles

Do you have an unwanted vehicle taking up space on your property? Damaged, broken down or otherwise unusable vehicles aren’t doing you any good. Instead of letting it sit on your property forever, why not call helpful NZ car removal services instead?

What Are Car Body Removal Services?

Instead of having to scrap, transport or sell the car yourself, you can call professional car wreckers to come and remove the vehicle for you.

Your unwanted vehicle will then be dismantled and processed so that its materials can be recycled and put to future use. Vehicles, even older and unusable ones, have valuable materials in their components that can be taken and transformed into good recyclable materials.

How can you use car removal services to get rid of your own unwanted car? That’s easy; you can call our friendly team at Scrap Car Buyers. We do our best to make the process as streamlined and simple for you as possible. Consider us when you know it’s time to scrap your car.

Step 1: Contact Us. First, all you have to do is get in touch with us and tell us about your unwanted vehicle. You can do this by calling us or filling out our online form to tell us about your situation. We’ll use the information you give us to give you a free, no-obligation quote for your vehicle. All of this can happen over the phone to ensure it’s as hassle-free and convenient for you as possible.

Don’t worry, we don’t just take in cars, either – we also take buses, trucks, 4WDs, utes and vans. We’d be happy to talk to you about your vehicle if you’re concerned about whether or not we’ll take it.

Step 2: We’ll Stop By And Remove Your Vehicle. Once everything is arranged, the actual car removal service will take place.

Our Scrap Car Buyers tow truck will then quickly head to your location. We’ll take care of anything that needs to be taken care of, such as inspection or paperwork, and make sure that everything is sorted out.

We’ll take your vehicle and remove it for you once everything looks good. No worries, this service is absolutely free.

Step 3: You Get Quick Cash. After everything is finished and your vehicle has been removed, we’ll pay you for it on the spot.

We base our price estimates on top market prices depending on your vehicle. So, you know you’re getting the best value for your unwanted vehicle. We’ll get you a great price for your car even if it’s broken, damaged or undrivable.

Once you get your cash, the car removal process is over. You can enjoy the fact that you’ve gotten rid of a car that was just taking up space, and you can also enjoy the money you made from it.

Your vehicle will then be dismantled, and its parts will be put to good use. Any components that can’t be recycled will be dealt with safely and in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Why Choose Scrap Car Buyers?

Why should you choose us at Scrap Car Buyers for your car removal needs? The answer to that is simple:

We’ll Give You A Free Quote. Our quotes are entirely free. You don’t have to pay a cent for us to give you a good estimate of how much your unwanted vehicle is worth. Plus, it’s also obligation-free. This means that you don’t need to feel pressured to go through with the removal, even if you’ve already spoken with us.

We Take All Kinds Of Cars. You might be worried if we’ll take your car if it’s too broken down or you can’t drive it. Don’t worry, if you’re selling, we’re buying. We’d be happy to speak to you about your car’s condition if you’re concerned about its usability.

We Don’t Charge For Pickups. As mentioned above, our car removal services are entirely free. You don’t have to pay at all, regardless of the condition or size of your vehicle. Our company tow truck will show up, remove your car and our team will pay you on the spot.

We’re Good To The Environment. We care about New Zealand’s environment. So, we ensure that all our operations are eco-friendly and safe. We make sure to dismantle and recover all of your car’s recyclable parts and materials smartly.

Do You Have An Unwanted Vehicle? Call Us Today!

Are you ready to free up some space and make some money in return? Contact our Scrap Car Buyers team and we’ll arrange a quick pickup for your car, bus, truck, ute, 4WD, van or any other unwanted vehicle you have!

We’re the leading wrecking service in the North Island, and we’d be happy to help you out. Give us a call on XXXX or fill out our online form to get started.

Scrap Car Buyers: Getting you the best deal for your unwanted cars!

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