Cash For Cars Huntly

We’ll take any car, no matter the condition

Whether your unwanted car is broken, junked, or has missing parts, we’re ready to take it from you. And our cash for cars in Huntly team will pay you the best market prices for your secondhand vehicle. We don’t just take cars, either. We’re also happy to buy your trucks, utes, 4x4s, vans, and other vehicles, no matter the size or manufacturer.

Cash For Trucks, Utes, 4x4s & Vans

Customer-centric service to get cash for trucks, utes, 4x4s & vans

Our tow trucks will come right out to you for pick-ups and charge you no fee. Don’t worry about having to fork out money for the removal of your unwanted vehicle. When you choose NZ Scrap Cars, the only cash exchanging hands will be our payment to you.

So if you’ve got an old, unwanted car that’s sitting around collecting dust, why not turn it into cash? Give our friendly team a call at 0800 002 897 and ask us about our cash for cars in Huntly today.