Cash For Cars

Get Cash For Scrap Cars

It doesn’t matter what the make or model or even the condition of your car is. Whether it’s a Mitsubishi or a Mercedes, a Hyundai or a Holden, a Toyota or a Tesla – we’ll take them all. Pick a wrecker you can trust. Choose Cash 4 Cars NZ, New Zealand’s car wreckers and car removals specialists, who’ll give you top service and top prices for your old car.

We take more than just cars, too. Got an old van, ute, 4wd, truck, or bus? At Cash 4 Cars NZ, we’ll take the lot. We don’t just offer cash for cars – we’ll pay you for your trucks, light commercial vehicles, and more! If you’re selling, we’re buying. In fact, you might even get more money for your larger vehicles, just because they’re bigger than a car! The exact price you’ll get will depend on your vehicle’s age, condition, make, and model. 

If you’ve got questions or would like more information, just give us a call at 0800 002 897, and we’ll be happy to discuss your circumstances and give you a free, no-obligation quote for your unwanted vehicle.

Quick, free quotes, fast and free vehicle removal, immediate cash in hand, and all wrapped up in a neat bow with professional service – that’s why Cash 4 Cars NZ are the top choice in cash for car services in New Zealand.

Fast and FREE Vehicle Collection

Sick of watching your old car sit and collect dust in your garden or driveway? Free up some much-needed garage space when you choose Cash 4 Cars NZ and get money in the bank for it. Our fleet of tow trucks is ready and on the roads, just waiting to respond to your vehicle removal requests. Give our team a phone call, and get that dusty old car out of your garage and cash in your hand. We handle all the trouble, making car removals as easy as it gets. That’s what makes us one of New Zealand’s leading cash for cars companies.

We’ll take your car, whatever the condition. We don’t care if it won’t even start, is a total rust bucket, or looks like an extra from a new Mad Max film. Whatever the state of your car, our fleet of tow trucks will take it away for free, no trouble, and pay you for the privilege – instant cash on hand upon collection. What more could you ask for?

We pay the best possible prices, so you get a top-quality removal service and the top market rates for your car. Curious about what your old scrap car is worth? Just contact our team at 0800 002 897 for a free, no-obligation cash for cars quote today. You’ll see why we’re New Zealand’s favourite car wreckers and removals company.

Environmentally Friendly Car Removal

We care about the planet and the rare, unique environment we have here in New Zealand. We know that cars are made from a range of complex materials that need to be carefully disposed of during the wrecking process. 

That’s why we have strict environmental procedures in place when we take care of your old, broken, unwanted cars. We recycle as much of your scrap car as possible, down to the individual nuts and bolts. We dispose of the few remaining parts in an environmentally friendly way.

Fast, efficient, eco-conscious cash for cars service – that’s what makes Cash 4 Cars NZ the leading choice for all your car removal and wrecking needs in New Zealand. When you choose us, you can be sure you’ll get only absolute satisfaction. Professional service, fast turnaround times, and instant cash in hand – that’s what makes us New Zealand’s top choice.

Turn your old scrap cars into cash today

Ready to find out what your old broken or unwanted car might be worth, and to free up space on your property? Get in touch with our friendly, professional team. Call us now for a free, no-obligation quote at 0800 002 897. Whatever the make, model, or condition, our car removals truck is ready and waiting to pick it up and get you cash for your cars today.